Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Enough MANNY, Enough!

          Manny is everywhere, in boxing, singing, politics, and acting. But hey! I don’t think he can be able to play basketball. Manny plans in joining Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) without joining the draft. Many basketball amateurs work hard just to be listed in the draft. While Manny using his fame or possibly politics just like any other rich people in the Philippines humbly announced he can be a coach, player and playing coach in the league.

       I think he is funny. When I watched how he plays basketball, he can not even dribble the ball in his right hand or his weak hand. The basic ball movement in the court is one of the fundamentals. He is only intimidating his playmates. There are lots of things to learn in basketball MANNY. Do not use your fame to join anything whenever you want to. You are just degrading the integrity of the “Pinoy” professional basketball league and embarrassing yourself. It is sad watching you in the future being laugh in what you do.
     ENOUGH of your dreams MANNY, give chance to others who works hard to be in the league. You showed your perseverance to the people. I think it is enough. You once told the world you want to help people. By canceling your decision in joining the league, many basketball amateurs will be very happy. Be a congressman and help the people.